Unit:E are an international agency/organisation dedicated to the diplomacy and cooperation between various planets and species:, such as humans, ponies, Cybertronians, Prysmosians, SpaceKnights, Micronauts, etc.

They often oversee the missions of many human taskforces, from G.I. Joe to M.A.S.K. to Action Force and so on.

History Edit

Founded by Hassenfeld

Members Edit

Head Edit

  • Hassenfled

Agents Edit

  • William Fowler

Bases Edit

  • Autobot Outpost Omega One
  • Hanger E

Armoury Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • A.J.I.N. (Aerial Jet Infantry Network)
  • A.T.M.F (All-Terrain Mortar Frigate)
  • Hover Bike
  • M.T.A.H (Multi-Terrain Assault Hunter)
  • Multipodal Battery
  • Powered Suit
  • S.T.U.V. (Special Tactics & Utility Vehicle)
  • Skycrawler
  • Vulture

Weaponry Edit

  • Chekhov S7
  • D.R.A.G.O.N. (Dynamic, Robotic, and Advanced Grenadier-Operated Network)
  • E.D.C. (Electric Decelerator Cannon)
  • E.M.P. Harpoon
  • E.M.P. Probe
  • E.V.M.D.
  • H.E.A.D. Cannon (Hydro-Electric Automated Disintegrater cannon)
  • I.E.E.I.R. (Infantry-Employed Electromagnetic Induction Rifle)
  • P.L.O.T. Armour (Prototype Light Ordnance Titanium armour)
  • Reconnaissance Drone
  • T.P.W. (Thermo-Pressure Warhead)/Thermobaric Bombs
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